Sculptures of Highway 395

Along the 395 between Grant and Olancha, there are an array of sculptures on the west side of the highway. You can see them from the road and turn off to explore. These sculptures are free of charge to see, be respectful when viewing so others can come and enjoy them as well.

Getting there

There isn’t a specific parking lot or location for these sculptures, so I’ve provided a coordinates link below for Google Maps.

Location: 1856 US-395 Olancha, CA 93549

chrissihernandez-california-sculptures-sony (3).jpg

About the Olacha Sculptures

These quirky metal sculptures are created by Jael Hoffmann, a local Olancha resident who is originally from Berlin, Germany. Her sculptures reflect primal knowledge of right and wrong, about one’s self reflection, and all have (thankfully) incorporated some humor into these deeply moving messages. Life is complex, but there is no better medicine to me than to take it with a spoonful of laughter.

“The idea for me is really to facilitate access to self.”
— Jael Hoffmann

This sculpture garden is especially beautiful because of the setting, where the high Sierras become the background to the large rust colored works of art.

The sculpture below says be kind, not right. We can all remind ourselves of this every now and then.

chrissihernandez-california-sculptures-sony (38).jpeg

This sculpture below is called “The Hitchhiker.” According to the artist it’s meant to represent a strong and confident female who is ready for the unknown, and also the traveler in all of us, always coming from somewhere, always going somewhere.

chrissihernandez-california-sculptures-canon (6)copy.jpg

The sculpture below is called “Give and Take” and has a little give and take jar people to interact with, and a mirror where the face of this colorful creature would be. The sculpture has a little sign that says “Give and Take: Put something in give container then retrieve something from take container. You can always give without taking, but not the other way around. If you choose to take without giving, the mirror will make you face yourself and the eyes will follow you for ever and ever. Just like in real life.” Ponder that for a while, its good advice.

chrissihernandez-california-sculptures-sony (25)copy.jpg
chrissihernandez-california-sculptures-sony (17).jpg
chrissihernandez-california-sculptures-sony (30).jpg
chrissihernandez-california-sculptures-sony (9)copy.jpg

All of the welded characters have unique messages to share, and Jael is always adding more pieces for all to delight in along the 395. Take a break from driving and stop here!

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