Explore Alabama Hills and hike To Mobius Arch

Alabama Hills is right off highway 395 near the city of Lone Pine. It's a gorgeous desert landscape with large sandstone boulders, a stark contrast to the Sierras just beyond it in the landscape. Mobius Arch is among this landscape and you can look through it to see the 2nd highest mountain in the United States, Mount Whitney.

Mobius Arch Trailhead Location: Movie Flat Rd, Lone Pine, CA 93545

The trail head to Mobius Arch is only 3 miles from the highway. The Alabama Hills have over a dozen naturally formed rock arches, and are also famous for being a popular set for old western movies. 

Drive into Alabama Hills, with the snow-capped Sierras in the backdrop

The drive west from the highway is magnificent. Large sand colored boulders and desert heat beneath the largest snow-capped mountains of California. Truly a sight to see. It was easy to find the trailhead, and overall the trail is pretty well marked.

Alabama Hills rock formations

Along the hike are these rock formations that are similar to the Joshua Tree National Park landscape.

We visited here in June and as you can see even though it was a scorching 97 degrees in Alabama Hills, in the Sierra Mountains above there is still snow.

We made it to Mobius Arch, and snapped some photos from the front and backside. You can see when you view it towards the Sierras it’s a beautiful contrast.

Mobiles Arch, with a view of Mount Whitney

If you are driving down highway 395, be sure to stop and see Alabama Hills!

Also lookout for the ninja turtle along the side of the road!


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