Utah, Bryce Canyon Chrissi Hernandez Utah, Bryce Canyon Chrissi Hernandez

2 days in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is otherworldly with its burnt orange spiky rock formations called hoodoos rising up from the earth’s surface. In this blog post, I’ve listed some of the best things to see and do if you only have a 2-3 days to explore Bryce Canyon.

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Travel, California Chrissi Hernandez Travel, California Chrissi Hernandez

Red Rock Canyon

Red rock canyon lies right off the 14 and features gorgeous multi-colored rock formations. The facade is swirling mix of reds and whites. The park is located where the southernmost tip of the Sierra Nevada converges with the El Paso Mountains.

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Arizona, Sedona Chrissi Hernandez Arizona, Sedona Chrissi Hernandez

A Week in Sedona

Our visit to Sedona was a much needed escape from the big bad city and into such a beautiful and calming environment. We explored and meditated, rode ATVs and attended a shaman breathworks ceremony. It was an eye opening experience in a magical and mystical city filled with red rocks.

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Canada, Banff Chrissi Hernandez Canada, Banff Chrissi Hernandez

Banff Road Trip Pictorial

The beauty in northern Montana and Alberta Canada is truly breathtaking. I will never look at another lake the same again after seeing the multitude of colors that exist when minerals suspend in water. 

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