Gus's Fresh Jerky

Gus's Jerky is a small red & white shop off highway 395 covered in stickers like the backside of a skateboard. Gus started selling his jerky in 1996 and is dedicated to making the best jerky in the world. No preservatives are used, and he uses the best cuts of meat.

Location: 580 US-395, Olancha, CA 93549


We stopped in for a peek and I purchased some delicious jerky as well as some sage honey. Gus has expanded his business and now sells honey, dried fruit, nuts, and olives. Stop in to stretch your feet, say hi to Gus himself, and try some of his delicious products.

The owner “Gus” himself

The owner “Gus” himself

Have you tried anything else at this shop you would recommend? Or do you know any other good food stops along the 395? Please leave in the comments below.