Desert Home Decor

For the past many months, I've been working on an Airbnb project with my parents to update and furnish a small studio in Joshua Tree. I started a Pinterest board to brainstorm ideas around color and style. I'm really attracted to a modern bohemian kind of vibe, and wanted to introduce a desert inspired palette. The outside of the house was beige and brown, which blended in with the surrounding sand and mountains. I wanted it to stand out and feel more full of life, so I decided on a terra cotta hue with a sea foam green door as an accent. On the interior, we used a combination of white and light grey as the primary colors to brighten the place up and make it feel more spacious. Next I began looking for additional pops of color and was really drawn to dusty rose and yellow. I can't wait to show you all the end result! I hope you'll come and stay!