Project Landers: Kitchen Mood Board for a Desert Dwelling


Project Landers is a vacation home/airbnb my husband and I are building in the desert. It’s a big project, building from the ground up, with many decisions to be made. As we’re moving through permitting, I’ve started planning out some of the rooms. In this post, I’ll share where I’m at so far with planning the kitchen.

I want the entire house to feel open and airy, with hints of earthy elements throughout. Woven pendants are on trend for desert dwellings, and add a perfect touch of natural fiber needed to break up the white. For the kitchen, we the cabinets, counters, and backsplash will all be in white. The floating shelves and kitchen pulls will be in walnut. Wood also helps warm a space up. The white will also be accented by the cement floors, plywood ceiling and black beams.

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