Visit Boulder Beach to see the Cute Little Beach Penguins

Most of us think of the snow when we think of penguins. In South Africa, there’s a colony of little penguins that have prime oceanside real estate where they live on the beach in the sun, instead of the bitter arctic cold. These penguins are currently endangered, but there are great conservation efforts going on today to repopulate. There is a small charge at Boulder Beach to go to the viewing decks. This money is used to help with conservation. These little animals are fast swimmers and can hold their breath over 2 minutes and dive over 400 feet deep to catch prey like sardines, anchovies and crustaceans.

The colony is a 40min drive from Cape Town, and makes a great day trip!

chrissihernandez-southafrica-capeTown (479)copy2500.jpg
chrissihernandez-southafrica-capeTown (430)copy2500.jpg

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