All in Design

SoFar Sounds Poster Design: 03.02

In my normal day to day, I create ideas and designs for ecommerce companies, which means strict rules and guidelines for what the output should be. When I get around to creating poster designs for SoFar Sounds, I treat them like an abstract piece of art.

Home Decor: Modern Ranch

We chose the theme of ranch style with a modern twist. I want it to feel rustic, but still have a desert chic appeal. Mixing blues with rustic woods and worn leather gives it masculine southwest appeal, while adding in some creams and a high contrast black and white print as the centerpiece modernizes the space.

SoFar Sounds Poster Design: 05.26

So Far Sounds L.A. had a show at MV Art Dept in my blossoming neighborhood of Mar Vista. I wanted to mimic the beautifully designed sign as you enter the store. Gorgeous geometric patterns of reclaimed wood, white paint, and steel. I am personally a big fan of MV Art Dept bringing murals and creative workshops to the neighborhood. 

Marlena Jarjoura Jewelry

An interview with Marlena of Marlena Jarjoura Jewelry. Marlena combines crystals with wire wraps to create gorgeous earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Living in a little off-the-grid cabin, she is inspired everyday by the nature that surrounds her.