SoFar Sounds Poster Design: 09.27

I designed this poster for a SoFar Sounds music show taking place in Santa Monica, CA. When I started the design, I wanted to do a play on the letters in SoFar Sounds to create the abbreviation "SAMO" within, short for Santa Monica. Unfortunately the idea got scrapped because I had to insert a random "M" to make it work which seemed confusing. I used the typeface Futura in this design and filled the gaps between the letters with a linear pattern. After I completed the style of the typography, I decided it might be nice to carry the linear pattern throughout the design and add it to the background as well. At first, I began with a teal and purple palette, but it felt too fun for the style of the design. I changed the color palette to this more sophisticated fall palette, which I thought worked nicely for a late September show. Although here in Los Angeles, it's been nothing but blazing sun!