SoFar Sounds Poster Design: 08.25

I designed this poster for a SoFar Sounds music show taking place in Venice Beach, CA. I was inspired by some designs I had pinned earlier this year that had overlapping type. I've been using georgia typeface extensively for work so I decided to see how it could render in this type of arrangement. In the examples I saw, the letters were different sizes and overlapped in different ways. I usually design in a more organized fashion so I tried to lineup my main headline "SoFar Sounds Los Angeles" into a long rectangle. Next I overlapped lowercase georgia over the all caps georgia and adjusted as necessary to create the more rectangular shape. Once I was satisfied with the font lockup, I started exploring backgrounds.

I keep a Pinterest board called "harmonious hues" to keep a log of interesting color combos I'm drawn to. This helps when I'm designing to have some ideas to grab from. I decided to insert a tribal pattern in the background that reminds me of Venice Beach, CA, where the concert will be held. After trying some different color combos and textures this pink, orange and purple gradient was my favorite.

Bands featured:
Doe Paoro
My Brothers and I