2 Days in Page Arizona

The view of Horseshoe Bend

Page Arizona is a hub for some pretty incredible landscapes. Only a short drive from here, you can tour the swirling wave-like formations of Antelope Canyon, see the twisting river at Horseshoe Bend viewpoint, or head out boating or jet-skiing on the gorgeous turquoise water of Lake Powell. In this blog post I’ve listed some of the best things to see and do while you’re in Page, especially if you only have a weekend to explore. This is a jam packed 2-day itinerary that can easily be shifted to 3 days if you have more days and want some more down time in between.

Where to Stay

Hyatt Place Page Lake Powell and Hampton Inn & Suites Page - Lake Powell are right in town and an easy home base for starting your adventures in Page.

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Day 1

Get Breakfast at LP Espresso

LP Espresso is a great coffee & breakfast with a large inside space and a great patio. We tried the avocado toast and a breakfast burrito, both were delicious. The coffee is also on point.

Tour Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon

Antelope canyon is a majestic slot canyon where wave-like formations flow in vibrant colors of oranges and purples, and sand particles suspend in the light beams that penetrate the narrow passageway. This canyon is located near Page Arizona on land owned by the Najavo Nation. It has been formed over time by centuries of wind and water flowing through the crevice, and is only accessible by booking a tour. Learn more

Tip: Book in advance, these fill up!

You can also check availability and book with Get Your Guide.

Hike the Beehive Trail (Nicknamed “The new wave”)

Note: You can also go see “The Wave” from Page. It’s an hour away, and you’ll need a high clearance vehicle and a permit. I didn’t add this to my itinerary, but if you want to try for the permit and get it, you can adjust as needed.

The Beehive Trail is an easy 1.9 mile loop through slickrock sand formations. Sometimes called, “The New Wave” because it has some interesting rock formations with wave-like attributes, but this hike doesn’t look nearly as cool as the actual “Wave” hike that you need a permit for. That being said, this hike is easy to get to and quite beautiful! We also had the trail to ourselves. Do this as an alternative if you don’t have a high clearance vehicle or if you can’t get a permit for “The Wave” hike in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area. Learn more

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Take in the View of Horseshoe Bend at Sunset

Horseshoe Bend is where the Tallapoosa River meanders making a u-turn through the tall cliffs of sandstone. This is a popular 1.5 mile out and back trail, but worth the trip to take in this amazing view.

You’ll have to pay around $15 to park.

Tip: Get here at least an hour before sunset since the sun dips down below the horizon. Bring a picnic and watch the sun go down.

Eat Dinner at Blue Wine and Tapas

Blue Wine & Tapas is a bar/restaurant with a small selections of tapas like flatbread, hummus, and other bites. It has a small town vibe, but the food was incredible and they have a nice wine selection. We really enjoyed this spot.

Day 2

Go Boating or Jet-skiing on Lake Powell

Go Jet-skiing on Lake Powell though Navajo Canyon. We went early morning, and there there was hardly a soul in the narrow waterway so we zipped through the stunning clear turquoise waters. This is an expensive excursion, around $360 per jet ski, but it was the most beautiful and memorable of a 3-week road trip that we were on.

Tip: Bring water, snacks and sunscreen, there isn’t really anywhere to stop to get them on the lake, and there is plenty of dry storage on most jet-skis.

Hike the Hanging Gardens Trail

If you have energy after jet-skiing, this is a short hike 1.2 mile through the Arizona Desert to the this unusual site of lush greenery. These hanging gardens exist because a water source is near a wall or cliff and seeps into the sandstone providing enough moisture for the plants to grow and thrive. View trail details

Dine at Blue Buddha Sushi Lounge

All the tasty restaurants seem to be in the same strip mall. Blue Buddha Sushi Lounge doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s a really large and vivacious restaurant with a vibrant energy and quality sushi. We went on a Thursday night and it was really busy! If you want an energetic vibe and good food, this is a great place.

I hope this helps you plan your trip! Do you have any more insights on things to do in Page, Arizona? Leave them in the comments below.

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