2021: A Year In Review

I’m not even sure how to explain 2021. It was a whirlwind, or rather a cyclone. It started with some great ideas, some new dreams for the future of heading to Europe to live in Madrid. By the end I was unsure of a lot of things. Adam and I left our home in Los Angeles in order to move, but for many reasons decided it’d be better to stay until things simmer down with the world and our lives.

In this post as always, I’ll give the highlights rather than dwelling on any lows. The world is filled with enough of those anyway.

Discovered Terrenea & The Sunken City

While trying to remain sane, my good friend John and I went to explore for the day and ended up hiking and having lunch at the beautiful Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. This coastline is just south of Los Angeles. We were close to another place I had heard of, San Pedro’s sunken city, so we rode in John’s BMW with the top down on this sunny day and explored the dilapidated remains of a neighborhood that slowly slid into the ocean below.

Took A Relaxing Trip to Maui

Collaborated with Pacaso

Pacaso is a modern way to buy and own a second home. In 2021, I collaborated with them to create some content for one of their Palm Springs properties. It left me wishing I owned the place because it was so beautiful! Read more

Explored New Mexico

It felt like it was time to finally get on a plane again, so Adam and I took a trip to New Mexico, the 2nd least populated state. Santa Fe and beyond has so much to offer; stunning hikes, adobe buildings and amazing art. We did some hiking on Bandelier and Pecos National Park, went off-roading, and visited Meow Wolf, a cool interactive art exhibit. Read more

Pecos Historical Park


The Rio Grande

Visited Big Bear Lake in the Summer!

I’ve been to Big Bear for snowboarding many times, but I’ve never been there in the summer. We rented a pontoon for my friends birthday and had a booze cruise out on the lake in the sunshine. It was a blast!

Rafted the Arkansas River

We met up with my in-laws in Breckenridge, CO this year to spend some quality family time in the mountains. We finally went rafting again after a long hiatus, and I loved every second. It felt great to get back out on the water, exhilarating in every way.

Went to see Arch Rock in Joshua Tree

My parents have lived near Joshua Tree National Park for over 10 years, so I know the area well. I had never made it to Arch Rock. This summer my friends and I finally took the short trail to find the massive arch at sunset. It’s well worth the trip.

Ate at all the Consortium Holdings spots in San Diego

I did a fabulous girls weekend with my friends Becky and Kelly in San Diego. We ate out way through Little Italy and beyond at all of the fabulously decorated hot spots of Consortium Holdings. These bars and restaurants are perfectly designed, eye candy paired with delicious and crafty food and drinks.

Finally Stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs (I’ve passed them so many times!)

The Cabazon dinosaurs are right off the 10 freeway on the way from L.A. to Palm Springs so I pass them all the time. This time Chelsea and I stopped to take a few shots of these giant creatures. Read More

Collaborated on a desert photo shoot with Will Leather Goods

My friends and I dressed up for a fun weekend shooting Will Leather Goods handbags in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree.

Completed a 2nd kitchen renovation

Adam and I made the crazy decision to renovate our kitchen before renting our house out. It was stressful, but we completed it and then skipped town before we ever got to use it ourselves.

Living like Nomads…

November and December we moved around and traveled while waiting for our Spanish VISAs to get approved.

Franklin, TN > Washington DC > Indianapolis, IN > Louisville, KY > Rancho Mirage, CA

Finally Visited our country’s capitol

I have been to 50+ countries, but had never been to Washington DC. It was great to finally see our countries capitol, biking among the monuments and wandering the museums.

The Capitol Building

The Lincoln Memorial

Became Desert Residents for a month

Still waiting on VISAs, we went to stay in Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs area) and went on some great hikes and got to know the geography of the Coachella Valley. The weather was great, and it’s such a safe and clean community. We enjoyed the quiet and slow paced life, a little relaxation after a lot of chaos.

Painted Canyon in Mecca, CA

Wilderness Loop Trail in Palm Desert, CA

After renting our house and packing everything up to leave L.A., we decided not to move. COVID is on the rise, and we still haven’t gotten our VISAs. We’re taking this as a sign that it isn’t time to leave yet. As of January 2, we have temporarily moved back to San Francisco and the future is a big question mark. What a strange year this has been (again). But this one even more profoundly life changing that 2020. Hoping once again for a big shift towards the better, and thankful to friends and family for all the support.


Hike the Wilderness Loop Trail at the Living Desert


Take a Relaxing Stroll through Moorten Botanical Garden