Visit the Giant Roadside Cabazon Dinosaurs

Dinny and Mr. Rex, two giant dinosaurs, tower right off the 10 freeway in the city of Cabazon. These prehistoric animals were created by artist Claude Bell and completed in 1975 and 1986. Dinny, a brontosaurus, is 45 feet high and 130 feet wide, with a gift shop inside the belly. Mr. Rex stands 65 feet high, and you can climb up to its head.

There is also an open-air museum at this location with fiberglass and robotic dinosaurs that you can visit, and some fun activities for kids (or adults) like a “dino dig” or gemstone panning.


  • Free to visit the main two dinosaurs

  • Free easy parking in the lot right next to the dinosaurs

  • $13 to enter the open-air museum and climb up the T Rex

  • These dinos are about a 25min drive from Palm Springs or 45min from Joshua Tree.

chrissihernandez-california-cabazon-dinosaurs (50).jpg
chrissihernandez-california-cabazon-dinosaurs (60).jpg

Depending on the time of year you pass these creatures, they might look a little different. I’v seen the sculptures change from the Easter Bunny to Santa, to all pink with hearts to coincide with the holidays. Here they are below (Sept 2021) as the Flintstones!

chrissihernandez-california-cabazon-dinosaurs (91).jpg
chrissihernandez-california-cabazon-dinosaurs (56).jpg

Below is a a cute Halloween dino sighting from October 2022.

Do you have any other tips on the Cabazon Dinosaurs or the surrounding area? Please leave them in the comments below.

There are another few dinos on Highway 69 in Joshua Tree, they are smaller but also a fun stop. You can read about them in my post The Dinosaurs of 29 Palms.

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