Adventures in Nassau

View from the slides at Atlantis Resort

A funny thing happened last year. My husband and I went to a white elephant gift exchange and he ended up with a shirt that said "Nassau" on it. In most scenarios, this would be underwhelming, but in this scenario the owner of said shirt happens to have a family home in the Bahamas, and the winning of this shirt meant an open invitation to join her and friends of their yearly summer vacay. Ummm, yes please. Group trips are kind of our thing.

Aerial of Paradise

Endless ocean

Day 1: We arrived at the house, located right on the clear turquoise ocean, and cracked open some beers. Who needs to go anywhere when you're with a party of 13, a pool, jacuzzi, and this kind of view. 

View from the house

The beach next to the house we stayed at

Atlantis Water Park

Atlantis was calling to us, and a must if you're heading to the Bahamas. A waterpark resort complete with aquariums, pools, beaches, slides, and lazy rivers. We felt like kids again, and rode every ride in the park.

The lazy river, Atlantis Resort

We spent the evening dressed in white for a fancy dinner group dinner at Sapodilla. There's a live band that plays classic and modern tunes throughout dinner. Their lobster and steak are tasty, and the wine was equally delicious. Note that the service is very slow (we had a 4-hour dinner), so be sure to save this restaurant for a special night out with good company to chat and drink within the intervals between courses.

Sunset from the Castle @savvyjavvy

Boating and Jet Skiing

We took a boat and jet skis out to a small island beach one day. There is hardly anyone out on the water so it feels like you have a private ocean to explore. The water in incredibly turquoise and it’s so shallow you can wade in it.We made rum cocktails and had out own private party!  


Into the great wide "ocean"

Shark Diving

On the 4th of July my husband and I scheduled a dive to the Lost Blue Hole and Barracuda Reef. I was pretty nervous about heading down into the abyss of an underground ocean hole with reef sharks. We dropped down to about 40ft on the perimeter of the hole and there were quite a few sharks and fish to see there around the reefs. Reef sharks look menacing but are not known to attack humans, but when you're looking at them underwater they're quite intimidating with their sideways glare. Fortunately once we got down there I was pretty calm, because next we went down into the hole to 85ft and just below us there were hundreds of reef sharks swimming in patterns. It felt surreal in that moment and it was quite beautiful in the cerulean blue water. It's by far the best dive I've ever been on, and one of the most amazing things I've seen in life to date.

Bahamas Divers: This company took us to some great spots, but did not include much instruction from the dive master. This was totally fine for us since we have become more seasoned divers, but if your new to diving you have to watch your depth gauge, watch your air, and most importantly, know your safety stops and be sure to take them. Also bring snacks as they didn't provide any food for the trip.

I come in peace, sharkies

Diving with reef sharks at The Blue Hole

On 4th of July, Atlantis Resort is open to the public to come enjoy the fireworks show and other festivities. We spent the evening here watching the show, then wandering through the aquarium, and finally dancing our pants off at Dragon's Ultra Lounge.

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$$$ Sapodilla - fine dining
Pirate Republic Brewing Company - beer & live music
Moon Club - lounge area complete with jellyfish display
Dragon Ultra Lounge - dancing and drinking, but not as intense as a nightclub
Aura Night Club - full on vegas-type club