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SandSilkSky Dreamcatchers

SandSilkSky Dreamcatchers

An interview with Hannah of SandSilkSky Dreamcatchers.

What inspired you to start creating dreamcatchers?

First and foremost: nature. Getting outside, living in the moment, and taking deep breaths. Feeling a breeze on my skin, or through my hair— its a beautiful experience! I think too many people in the city have forgotten that the wind is blowing and what that feels like, how beautiful it sounds pushing through a wind chime, and how lovely strands of silk look when its caught on that breeze. I grew up in Palm Springs, where the wind is often discussed more than the heat. 

I am also obviously inspired by the dreamcatchers of Native American culture. I grew up in a city that is significantly built on Cahuillan tribal land, and my father, who is a 70+ year old transcendentalist type from back in the 60s, has a strong interest in Native American culture. We have book shelves full of histories, folklore, biographies, and my dad taught me at a young age to be respectful and aware. I made my first dreamcatcher at 10 years old when I spent a week with him and family friends in the mountains of Idaho. I bent a stick in a circle, and wove a web out of cinnamon flavor dental floss, and hooked beetles, feathers, and cool rocks to the web. It hung for the whole week in my tent. When I made my first dream catcher as an adult, I thought back to that one. The first one made me smile so much while making it, and then with it finished on my wall… I knew immediately I wanted to make another and give it as a gift. My third one was my first sale! I feel lucky whenever I get to work on a new dreamcatcher. I am so full of happiness and gratitude, I can’t help but vibrate good thoughts and love into each piece, and I plan on continuing to make them as long as that’s the case!

I recently had the honor of officiating the marriage of good friends of mine. You better believe that tons of loving, happy thoughts were infused into the dreamcatchers as I worked on them and wrote my speech for the alter. As hippy as it sounds, each dreamcatcher has been created under the influence of positive karmic meditation!

What kind of materials do you use?

I use silks that have been dyed by hand— most of these silks are recycled saris. I use all kinds of feathers, from ostrich to peacock, rooster or pheasant. Each piece has a stone or quartz crystal hanging in the center of the web. I have some stone arrowheads that have been purchased from the Bear Tribe of Arizona that I am eager to make a special series from. 

How long does it take you to create these beautiful pieces?

It takes several weeks— at least a month, sometimes longer. I work for another company full time, and I enjoy living my life as fully as I can. I also really curate my materials, which means it can take a while for me to piece it all together. 

Is there anything else you're planning to add to your Etsy shop?

Yes! I’ve got several other home decor projects in mind, though I’m still working out the logistics, since they too will be hand-made. I’m also very willing to collaborate with other artists!

Anything else you want to add?

This hobby of mine— it inspires and encourages dreaming! I feel blessed that I am creating something that does that! I hope they bring peace and tranquility into their new homes. That’s what SandSilkSky decor is really about— making your home a sanctuary from the bustle of the rest of the world. 

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