California, Palm Springs, Indio Chrissi Hernandez California, Palm Springs, Indio Chrissi Hernandez

Get A Delicious Date Shake at Historic Shield's Date Garden

Shield's Date Garden in Indio, California has been around since 1924. It’s famous for its deliciously sweet date shakes, and a long running history of cultivating dates in this desert region near Palm Springs. Stop here for a shake, have breakfast or lunch in the gardens, or just grab some dates and interesting date products. There’s also a movie theater at this location where you can see the film “Romance and Sex Life of the Date” for free.

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France, Bordeaux Chrissi Hernandez France, Bordeaux Chrissi Hernandez

2 Days in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a beautiful and quaint French city, in the middle of France’s famed wine region. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you get the sense they’ve spent a great deal of effort renovating these buildings. It was mostly built in the 18th century from limestone, so as you walk down the cobblestone streets it feels like you’ve stepped back in time. In this post, I’ll give you some ideas for what to do if you have 2-3 days to explore Bordeaux.

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