Brunch Amongst Intricate Designs & Pops of Pink at Morning Glory


Morning Glory is a stunning new cocktail and breakfast restaurant in Little Italy in downtown San Diego. This space was designed by Paul Basile and has an 80’s vibe with its blend of pinks, greens, terrazzo, and rounded furniture. It also has beautiful custom walnut woodwork and intricate folding windows. The central focus of the restaurant is the pink starburst with a digital orb eyeball that looks over you as you dine.

As with most restaurants in the Consortium Holdings Group, Morning Glory doesn’t take reservations. The wait time to get into here is usually an astronomical 3-3.5 hours. My advice is to get there early to put in your name, then go have a light breakfast somewhere and do some shopping or activities and come back for lunch. They’ll text you when your table is ready.


Morning Glory has a long list of of interesting cocktails to choose from. I had the Goldstein’s Orange Joolius, a boozy take on the foamy Orange Julius throwback from 1990’s suburban malls. They also have boozy caffeinated drinks, if you want to stick to a breakfast theme.


Below is one of the beautiful custom woodwork walnut booths that we dined from, it’s really a work of art.


I wish I could tell you more about the food, but I was a bit too full from my first breakfast to eat much. The chef here has two Michelin stars so I’m sure it’s delish!


If you have the opportunity to dine or grab a drink at any of the Consortium Holdings restaurants do it! They are all unique and so creative. Do you know any other good brunch spots in San Diego? Please leave then in the comments below!


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