Explore Cap Rock Nature Trail

Cap Rock Nature Trail in Joshua Tree National Park is an easy 0.7 mile loop walk with a lot of Joshua Trees and beautiful stacked boulder formations of all shapes and sizes.

Hiking Info

Trailhead location: Cap Rock Parking Lot
Nature Trail: 0.7 Mile Loop Trail
Rated: Easy
Elevation change: 39 feet
Bathrooms at trailhead

When To Go

The best time of year to visit Joshua Tree National Park is March-May and October-November.
Avoid July & August, too hot to do anything.
The winter months of December - February are cold but still doable if you prefer off season travel.
June and September are on the hotter side, but if you avoid midday hiking you would be okay

Cap Rock Nature Trail

Start the trail from the parking lot looking up at the Cap Rock you see in the image below.


As you continue down the clearly marked trail you’ll see all kinds of shapes and sizes of the rock formations Joshua Tree is known for. For those who are old enough to know the reference this reminds me of the Flintstones home of Bedrock. Yabba-dabba-do!


The boulders can be fun to climb because the traction is good. If you decide to climb, wear shoes with good tread and be safe. I’d had a few friends scrape themselves up a bit because the rocks are course like sandpaper.


This a great short trail for families, or something you can do if the day is too hot for a longer hike. Even though it’s short, remember to bring plenty of water.

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