Dine at the Trendy and Remote La Copine

La Copine is a chic restaurant out in the middle of the high desert near Joshua Tree National Park. It’s a one-of-a-kind gem in a city with few culinary options. An east coast couple bought this old diner in the middle of nowhere to rehab it into a restaurant that continues to draw crowds despite it’s remote location and odd hours.

On the Menu

The dishes are inspired by dishes the Middle East and the deep South. My favorites so far are the Artichoke Toast and the Beignets.
Check out the menu, it changes from time to time.

To Get There

La Copine is Joshua Tree adjacent, just one city over in Yucca Valley.
848 Old Woman Springs Rd, Yucca Valley

Tip: Plan accordingly, it’s only open Thurs - Sunday 2pm - 7pm

The Restaurant

La Copine has a desert hipster appeal with its whimsical mural art, vintage piano, woven tapestries, and the old shiny airstream outside that houses pop-up shops. The food is an eclectic blend, from fried chicken to a duck-chicken mousse. Try the turmeric latte, it has a really deliciously unique flavor.

The duo who started La Copine, Claire Wadsworth and Nikki Hill, are a now married couple who decided to open up the restaurant so they could spend more time together. They initially had a food truck in Philly, serving up breakfast dishes with a feminine touch. After honeymooning in Joshua Tree, they learned an old diner had been sitting vacant. They decided to purchase it and the rest is history.


Make sure you add this restaurant to your Joshua Tree trip bucket list, it’s worth a visit.


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