Xochimilco: The Colorful Venice Canals of Mexico City

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Xochimilco is like the Venice of Mexico, but with a little more fiesta, and a little less romance. It's BYOB on the river, so people bring booze, snacks, and boom boxes to cruise around and party in these colorful boats. If you come empty handed, not to worry, there are loads of little restaurants right off the river waiting for your business that have very reasonable prices. You can grab some micheladas (beer, lime juice, and assorted sauces, spices, and peppers) and hit the water. Also, there are boats that float around with food and drinks, ready to fill you up if you run out snacks or beer. It was a very relaxing journey for Suzanne and I, but I gotta admit that the boats with full party mode happening looked pretty fun!

Tip: Expect to pay about 500 pesos per boat

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