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Xochimilco: The Colorful Venice Canals of Mexico City

Xochimilco is like the Venice of Mexico, but with a little more fiesta, and less romance. It's BYOB on the river, so people bring booze, snacks, and boom boxes to cruise around and party in these colorful boats.

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Visit Frida Kahlo's Colorful Santuary

The Frida Kahlo Museum, or "Casa Azul," is a vibrant and beautiful sanctuary in Mexico City. The bright blue buildings are so pigmented that it brings a liveliness and happiness to the space. 

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Visit the Museum of Popular Art

The Museum of Popular Art is a multi-level presentation of Mexican folk art, with a gorgeous glass ceiling that has artistic kites hanging down. The art here is 3D and colorful, showcasing all kinds of whimsical creatures and tales of Mexico's folkloric past.

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