Bahamas Shark Dive

If you're visiting Nassau and enjoy diving, it's worth doing a shark dive. When we descended into The Lost Blue Hole, I was nervous about heading down into the abyss of an underground ocean hole. The water temperature was cold, and the deeper you go the darker it gets. We dropped down to about 40ft on the perimeter of the hole and there were quite a few sharks and fish to see there around the reefs. Reef sharks look menacing but are not known to attack humans, but when you're looking at them underwater they're quite intimidating with their sideways glare. Fortunately once we got down there I was pretty calm, because next we went down into the hole to 85ft and just below us there were hundreds of reef sharks swimming in patterns. It felt surreal in that moment and it was quite beautiful in the cerulean blue water. It's by far the best dive I've ever been on, and one of the most amazing things I've seen in life to date.

Bahamas Divers: This company took us to some great spots, but did not include much instruction from the dive master. This was totally fine for us since we have become more seasoned divers, but if your new to diving you have to watch your depth gauge, watch your air, and most importantly, know your safety stops and be sure to take them. Also bring snacks as they didn't provide any food for the trip.


Dive Location: The Lost Blue Hole
Dive Shop Location: East Bay Street, Nassau, The Bahamas