Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine

Fushimi Inari Taisha, also know as the golden gates, is a beautiful Shinto Shrine in southern Kyoto. It was also my favorite place to visit in Japan (so far). It’s quite a hike, but has gorgeous views at the top. More beautiful than the views of city, is the beauty of the bright orange ancient torii lining the walkway. The shrine has thousands of bright orange gates to pass through to reach the mountaintop. A torii is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the profane to sacred. This is obviously a very sacred place.

There are loads of street vendors at the bottom where you can try all types of street food. We wandered down consuming all types of delicious treats. Crab on a stick, mochi on a stick, kobe beef on a stick. Yes, pretty much everything was conveniently on a stick so you could grab it and go. 

Location: Japan, 〒612-0882 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Fushimi-ku, Fukakusa Yabunouchichō, 68