Hike to L.A.'s Parker Mesa Overlook in Los Angeles

I’ve collectively lived in Los Angeles now for 5 years. First from 2007-2010, then moved back after four years in San Francisco in 2014. I’ve gone on many hikes here over the course of time. My favorite of all is this trail leading to Parker Mesa Overlook. It’s my favorite for many reasons. It’s close in proximity for an L.A. westsider, about 20-25min drive from where I live in Mar Vista (east of Venice). For myself personally it’s the perfect distance for a weekend outdoor workout. You can begin at Los Leones trailhead and do about 7 miles. Or what I usually do which is the trail starting from Paseo Miramar that’s about 5.5 miles out and back. It’s a steep incline to the end, with stunning views of all of Los Angeles and the great Pacific Ocean the whole way. The best view, as usual, is from the top. Two benches sit perched on a mountain facing the sea. I’ve been lucky enough to experience this on a less traveled day. It’s quiet, breathtaking, and feels so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city below.