The Salton Sea

Top buns and Sunski's

There are so many interesting things to do in the SoCal desert. After ATVing Ocotillo Wells we went to the nearby shore to view the largest lake in California, the Salton Sea. The lake bed was historically dry until 1905, when an engineering problem happened and the lake was flooded. When you gaze out at the Sea it’s so vast it looks like the ocean. It’s beautiful and almost looks like a desert mirage when you first view it. Now because of it’s high salinity and no outlet, many fish end up here to die. We visited the south side of the sea. When we stepped out of the cars to head to the shoreline at sunset, there was a pungent smell of rotting fish. Then as we walked out to the white sandy beach we realized that it’s not sand at all, it’s fish bones. The blue water is a reflection of the sky, and is actually a murky brown. The rocks lying still in the lake are fish corpses.

Salton Sea was once a popular tourist attraction in the 50s and 60s. It was a resort town, but doomed to fail because the sea soaked in the surrounding salt and pesticides from local farming. Soon it was too contaminated to get into, and the waters were full of dead fish. We didn’t visit Bombay Beach on this trip, but I’ve been there before and it’s a great place to photograph odd things like half sunken trailers, tvs, and ruins of old buildings. Hopefully one day there will be a plan to bring back to life this massive body of water. Until then, it’s still a pretty intriguing place to go visit if you’re in the area.

It looks like a beautiful white sandy beach

The water looks clear and blue

A great vista...

Then a closer look... dead fish.

Even closer, that's not white sand, it's fish bones.

And then the sun sets and it all disappears into the darkness.