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Oaxacan Backpack by Will Leather Goods

This gorgeous backpack is crafted using hand-loomed wool rugs from Oaxacan, Mexico. There are several colorful designs to choose from, and the leather reinforcements make it durable and built to last. 

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Monogrammed Tote and Rockin' Booties

I'm a tee and ripped jeans kind of girl. I'm pretty tomboyish when it comes down to it, so I try to dress things up with accessories like these buckled booties with heels, or a cute handbag like this beautiful monogrammed tote by Will Leather Goods. 

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My Style: The Bahamas

Bahamas in July is hot hot hot! Pack lightly, a carry-on is all you need even for a week long vacay here. I wore this romper for the 4th of July out at the Atlantis. It's the perfect dressy beach outfit that you can transition from day to night from the rum shack to caribean lounge. 

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