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View Art Installations At The Goldwell Open Air Museum

Goldwell Open Air Museum is a free outdoor sculpture park near Death Valley National Park in California. This is a non-profit museum organized in 2000 after the death of Albert Szukalski, the Belgian artist who created ghostly sculptures. The most notable work being his rendition of The Last Supper in ghostly form. This was especially haunting against the stormy sky the day that we went.

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View The Jagged Rocks Of Devil’s Golf Course

This geological formation is other-worldly, with jagged salt slabs extended for miles into the horizon. The name Devils Golf Course comes from a 1930’s guidebook that stated: “Only the devil could play golf on such a surface,” and it stuck. You can walk among the rocks to explore, but be extra careful, a fall onto this surface could definitely cause some cuts and scratches.

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