Mexico, Tulum Chrissi Hernandez Mexico, Tulum Chrissi Hernandez

Explore the Tulum Ruins

The ruins of Tulum aren't as grand as some of the other ancient Mayan temples that have survived the test of time, but they have one amazing thing going for them, the beach they tower over is breathtaking.

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Aruba Chrissi Hernandez Aruba Chrissi Hernandez

Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao

If you're looking for a New Year's adventure, this is a great one! Go to the "ABC" islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. They are each a quick cheap flight from the next, and each have their own special charm.

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Hawaii, Maui Chrissi Hernandez Hawaii, Maui Chrissi Hernandez

My Favorite Five: Maui

Maui is top 5 of my favorite places. I'm a beach kid from Ventura California, so the ocean is always calling my name. I've now been to Maui 4 times, and there are countless amazing things to do on this beautiful island, but here are my top 5. 

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