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10 Amazing Outdoor Adventures in California you’ve Probably never heard of
3 Days in Death Valley National Park
View the Colorful California Poppy Super Bloom of Antelope Valley

The California Orange Poppy is the official California State Flower. For only a few weeks a year, Antelope Valley’s 1,745 acres of rolling mountains turn vibrant orange with the California Poppy super bloom. In this post, I’ll give you the details you need to visit this majestic spectacle.

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City Guide: The Stunning Granite Rock Faces of Yosemite
Hike El Moro Canyon Loop Trail in Crystal Cove State Park

El Moro Canyon Loop is a nice 5 mile hike in Crystal Cove State Park along the Pacific Ocean. This is a wide and trafficked trail through Moro Canyon where you’ll get to see some beautiful views of the coastline with Newport Beach to the north and Laguna Beach to the south. In the post, I’ll give you the info you need to hike this trail.

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Explore the Caves and Tidepools of Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach is a wonderland with several hiking trails, and beautiful beachside tidepools. There are sea anemones, hermit crabs, sea stars, sea urchins and more. The water is crystal clear and sits in glistening pools over the rocky rugged coastline.

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Hike 49 Palms Oasis

49 Palms Oasis is a nice moderate short hike to a secluded palm oasis (you guessed it). The palm trees are clustered near an out of place spring of water in the middle of the arid desert.

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Hike Goat Mountain to view the vast Mojave Desert

Goat Mountain in Landers is a lesser known trail that climbs about 1,000 feet to a beautiful view of the Mojave Desert. Grids of land to the south, and absolute nothingness to the north. What an amazing trail!

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Visit Joshua Tree's Best Lookout Point at Sunset

Key's View is the best drive-up vista in Joshua Tree National Park. From the top you can see the Coachella Valley and the San Andreas Fault. You can also catch a view of Southern California's two highest mountains, Mount San Jacinto and Mount Gorgonio. On a clear day you can see California's largest lake, the Salton Sea.

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Kayak through Sea Caves on One of the West Coast’s Uninhabited Islands

A half-day exploring the sea caves on kayaks with Channel Islands Adventure Company.

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