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Take a Tour of Casa Gilardi

There is so much amazing art and architecture in Mexico City. While you’re visiting, you can take a tour of Casa Gilardi, a house that was built in 1976 by famous Mexican architect Luis Barragán. It was the last project he completed before he died in 1988. Luis Barragán's work has been highly influential to contemporary artists. In 1980, he won the highest award in architecture, the Pritzker Prize. In this post, I’ll dive into how you can book a tour of this colorful privately owned home.

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4 Days in Colorful Mexico City

Mexico City is a vibrant place full of life, color, and culture. It's a great place to sight-see and taste your way through the markets and restaurants of this beautiful and bustling metropolis. In this post I’ll lay out a 4-day itinerary for sightseeing around Mexico City.

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