Hike Clyde Canyon in Malibu

Clyde Canyon Lower Loop and Charmichael Road Trail is located within the Charmlee Wilderness Park in Malibu, California. In January everything is gorgeously green, trees standing tall, and wildflowers adding a pop of color. On clear days, get ready for mind-blowing 180-degree views of the Pacific Ocean.

Hiking Info

  • 3.8 mile loop trail

  • Elevation: 633 feet

  • Moderate

  • Free Parking at trailhead

  • Bathrooms at trailhead

  • Leashed dogs allowed

Tip: It’s not always easy to find this trail because there are more than one paths, and some of the sections are slightly overgrown. Download an offline map on AllTrails or elsewhere so you can stay the course.

The Hike: Clyde Canyon Lower Loop and Charmichael Road Trail

Start this hike on the south side of the parking lot near the bathrooms.

There are a lot of different types of trees and plants to view along this trail, pay attention to the changing landscape. The Santa Monica Mountains feature a diverse array of vegetation, ranging from coastal sage scrub and chaparral to oak woodlands. These ecosystems support a variety of plant species adapted to the Mediterranean climate, including California sagebrush, toyon, and coast live oak.

Coast live oak tress

You can see the great wide ocean blending into the sky for the majority of this hike. It’s really calming, and the trail doesn’t have a high amount of traffic because it’s a lesser known hike.

The photo below looks like a sea lion in the distance, but it’s a rock formation.

When you get further along the loop, you can see Point Dume. Point Dume in Malibu is stunning, offering iconic coastal views featuring towering cliffs and a pristine sandy beach. Known for its picturesque beauty, it's a popular spot for whale watching and enjoying the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. In the image below, it’s a part of the coastline that juts out into the water.

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