Home Decor: Modern Tulum Kitchen

I love the aesthetic of Tulum! The general vibe is sitting outdoors in the jungle among lush tropical greenery surrounded by twinkly string light and basket weave pendants. The furniture is usually made up of solid organic wood, perfectly imperfect with it asymmetry and small flaws that make it one of a kind. In this post, I’ll talk through the decisions in design and list the shoppable selections below.

I’m moving back into a house my husband and I rented for a year while nomadding, and in doing so I want to bring the jungle to the city in. Since my home is in L.A. I don’t want to take the Tulum vibe too far, but I think there could be a nice balance by adding a modern flair with more structure in the design and adding some black accents.

Right now I’m focusing on the indoor kitchen, so I thought I could bring the tropical feel of the lush plants by adding wallpaper that has green hues. There are two ways you could do this, go more literal with a tropical leaves or a more subtle geometric print in sage hues.

For the rug, you could go with a jute style rug. It’s cheap and durable. Alternatively could do a more moroccan style in gray or beige tones. Work in the basket weave feeling in more subtle ways like how it’s represented in these black cane chairs. That being said, a large basket weave pendant over the table would make a really nice center piece. For the table, a nice hearty solid wood table will look great. I’ve chosen one that is smooth with rounded edges rather than an asymmetrical organic piece.

Have fun with colorful pots and pans, Our Place is my absolute fave! I literally want to buy everything from here because their kitchenware is so beautiful. They are most known for their “Always Pan” that is both beautiful and versatile. It comes in many colors so you can customize your own look based on your kitchen aesthetic. For this kitchen, I and going with a combo of sage green and oatmeal.