Explore the quirky art installations at The Glass Outhouse

Off the beaten path of Joshua Tree National Park is the outdoor weird and wonderful quirky art installations of the Glass Outhouse Gallery. If you like strange recycled desert art as much as I do, stop in to walk the path lined with empty glass bottles to find an array of interesting objects to ponder and photograph.

There’s also some indoor galleries that hours more traditional art like paintings and collages.

To Get There

  • Address: 77575 Twentynine Palms Highway, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

  • Parking: Free to park

  • Entrance Fee: Free to enter, there is a Venmo scan code if you want to donate. I recommend doing so if you can afford to. It helps support the property owner who has to maintain everything for our fun and enjoyment.

  • Hours: The outdoor art installations are always open.
    The indoor galleries are open Tuesday-Sunday from 1pm-5pm.

The History

Laurel Siedl created the Glass Outhouse Gallery from a building she used to raise rabbits in. Now the galleries house art from all over the nation, changing out their indoor exhibits every month.

The first Saturday of each month, the gallery holds a “Grand Opening” for the new art exhibits. I haven’t been to one but apparently there is food and live music.

Note: The “Grand Opening” doesn’t occur in July or August. It’s too hot!

Walk the outdoor trail

There are countless sculptures and objects as you walk the path of this property. Take your time to pause and appreciate all the whimsical vignettes and messages throughout the journey. You’ll see a large metal gorilla towering over tiny dinosaurs, a giant Pepsi can, skeletons working out (Ghoul’s Gym, lol), a tiny cafe, the namesake Glass Outhouses, and a chapel.

The Glass Outhouses

The glass outhouses are actual bathrooms. You can see out, but they can’t see inside! This means you can enjoy the experience of being outdoors going potty. These are generally locked, but you can ask for a key if you want to try it out during operating hours. It was a little nerve racking taking this photo without knowing if someone might be inside! I guess if the lock is on then you know it’s empty.

The Chapel

There is a chapel sitting on the property with a beautiful design that includes stained glass windows, a steeple and even a small bell tower. Inside, it has seats for 4 and can be used for weddings for free!

Do you know any other sights in 29 Palms that we should check out? Please leave them in the comments below.