4 Summer Days in Breckenridge

Breckenridge, Colorado is an alpine town with a gold rush history. In the summer, the tall vibrant pine trees grow in thick patches all across the layers of mountains. Big puffy clouds fill the sky and sometimes they turn into spectrum of menacing blues and rain. In this blog post, I’ll give you a great list of to-dos for summer activities if you have 4 days to explore around Breckenridge. If you are love nature and adventure this is a great area to travel to.

If you prefer to do a day trip from Denver try the Denver: Full-Day Breckenridge Mountain Explorer Tour to explore Red Rocks Amphitheater, viewpoints of the Continental Divide, and charming Breckenridge.

To Stay

Stay near historical downtown at the cozy River Mtn Lodge or Winterpoint Townhome.

4 Day Itinerary Summary

  • Go Find the Breckenridge Troll

  • Grab lunch at Breckenridge Brewery & Pub & Wander Downtown Breckenridge

  • Check Out the View from Sapphire Point

  • Make dinner at your cozy Airbnb or at one of the many restaurants surrounding the Dillion Reservoir

  • Hike Lower Mohawk Lake Trail

  • Raft the Arkansas River

  • Visit Leadville, an Old Mining Town

  • Hike Iowa Hill

  • Ride the Breckenridge Gondola

Day 1

Go Find the Breckenridge Troll

Start your trip with a quick with a short .25 mile nature walk to see the 15-foot tall wooden Breckenridge Troll. This troll was created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo as part of the annual Breckenridge International Arts Festival. Now there’s a proper trail that leads you to this magical creature. This is a great activity for kids and adults alike.

Tip: It gets crowded so go early morning

chrissihernandez-colorado-breckenridge-trollhike (9).jpg

Grab lunch at Breckenridge Brewery & Pub & Wander Downtown Breckenridge

Downtown Breckenridge is a quaint little town with 1880s and 90s Victorians. There are a plethora of adventure and tourist shops, and a few good breweries.

We ended up going to Breckenridge Brewery & Pub. It has your standard all American fare like burgers and mac n’ cheese, but with a great selection of craft beers to choose from.

Check Out the View from Sapphire Point

Sapphire Point Overlook sits at an elevation of 9,500 feet, with a stunning view of Dillon Reservoir. This is a great spot for photos, and there are loads of cute little chipmunks running all over the place.


Make dinner at your cozy Airbnb or at one of the many restaurants surrounding the Dillion Reservoir

Day 2

Hike Lower Mohawk Lake Trail

The hike to Lower Mohawk Lake is a beautiful experience as you walk through tall lush pine trees high into the treeline. This 6.5 miles round trip is challenging but as you ascend the mountain the views get better and better. It was cloudy and then rainy the day we went so we didn’t make it all the way to the lake (so close, though!). Mohawk Lake is a gorgeous Alpine Lake, so clear and a vibrant turquoise color. It looks absolutely breathtaking from what I’ve seen in photos.

Tip: Beware of thunder storms above the treeline, it can be very dangerous

chrissihernandez-colorado-breckenridge-lowermohawklake (68).jpg
chrissihernandez-colorado-breckenridge-lowermohawklake (60).jpg
chrissihernandez-colorado-breckenridge-lowermohawklake (55).jpg

Day 3

Raft the Arkansas River

Ready for real adventure? The Arkansas River has some hefty white water rapids. We booked the Brown’s Canyon National Monument Half Day trip with Performance Tours. This was a nice trip for both us and our nieces and nephew. Just enough action, but not so much that you feel like you could get thrown out of the book (no guarantees though).

Tip: This was a far drive from Breckenridge, if you want to raft closer you can book with


Visit Leadville, an Old Mining Town

Leadville is a former silver mining town just under an hour away from Breckenridge. Mining started here in 1859. Now there are several preserved mines and museums in the area, and the main street is full of interesting vintage shops, beautiful Victorian architecture, and several restaurants. My favorite place to visit was the legendary Silver Dollar Saloon that has been around since 1879. We stopped in some lunch and whiskey.

If you love history, there are also several museums in Leadville you can visit like the National Mining Hall of Fame, the Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin, and the Heritage Museum.

chrissihernandez-colorado-leadville (9).jpg
chrissihernandez-colorado-leadville (52).jpg

Day 4

Hike Iowa Hill

This short hike has a lot of educational information and preserved mining machinery to see along the way. There’s also the Iowa Hill Boardinghouse which is a beautiful log cabin. This is a great hike if you enjoy historical info and it’s also great with a family since there are interesting things to stop and look at, and it’s pretty short.

chrissihernandez-colorado-breckenridge-iowahillhike (40).jpg
chrissihernandez-colorado-breckenridge-iowahillhike (15).jpg
chrissihernandez-colorado-breckenridge-iowahillhike (29).jpg
chrissihernandez-colorado-breckenridge-iowahillhike (26).jpg

Ride the Breckenridge Gondola

The Breckenridge Gondola is what takes skiers and snowboarders up to the mountains in the winter. In the summer, there are many other activities you can do at the top like mountain-biking, mini golf, a 2,500 foot coaster, an alpine slide, and even some gemstone panning. Visit the website for a full list.

I hope this helps you plan your trip! Do you have any more recommendations for Breckenridge in the summer? Leave them in the comments below.

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