Go on an Off-Roading Tour with Santa Fe Mountain Outfitters

Santa Fe has many outdoor adventures scattered just outside its borders. Our favorite activity was off-roading with Santa Fe Mountain Outfitters.

Santa Fe Mountain Outfitters has a few off-roading UTV tours to choose from. We did the Caja Del Rio Sunset Tour, an exhilarating ride though rugged terrain on old Puebloan trails to see an amazing 360 sunset view of New Mexico. Generally I like to drive myself on these excursions, but on this tour you’re a passenger. The drivers are so experienced that it makes this journey epic. Some of the terrain is incredibly advanced, at times exhilarating from from 0 to 60 in seconds.

Details of Caja Del Rio Sunset Tour:

Tour is 3 hours
Starts 1 hour before sunset
$175.00 per person plus tax
Charcuterie and Refreshments provided

chrissihernandez-newmexico-santfe-offroading (2).jpg
chrissihernandez-newmexico-santfe-offroading (1).jpg
chrissihernandez-newmexico-santfe-offroading (4).jpg

The cherry on top was the the delicious food spread of charcuterie at the top of the mountain. The owners Max and Frida also own a local restaurant called El Farol, so the appetizers were a step above the rest. My favorite was the homemade fig cheesecake.

Post appetizers we rock scrambled up to see the view from the top of the mountains. It was pretty cold and windy the day we went, but the 360 degree views were worth it.

chrissihernandez-newmexico-santfe-offroading (2)-2.jpg

Heading back through the forest in the dark in the UTV was really exciting with the night vision lights leading the way.

chrissihernandez-newmexico-santfe-offroading (3).jpg

If you’re adventurous, I recommend doing this tour. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment.


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