Take A Relaxing Float Trip Along the Snake River at Sunset

The Sunset Triangle X Float Trip in Grand Teton National Park is a great way to explore the area. Drifting along the Snake River, you’ll wind through the park viewing wild animals in their natural habitats as the sun changes the Tetons from shades of blue to shades of violet and the the sky radiates oranges and pinks.


You can do a 13-mile day or 7-mile day float, or a 10 Mile Dinner Float with a barbecue dinner.
3-4 Hours
Approximately $85-$100 per person

The Experience

The trip begins with a potluck barbecue at the water’s edge. We listened to some great country music as we feasted on braised chicken, savory ribs, flavorful baked beans, and soft cornbread.


We stepped into the large rubber rimmed boats and glided onto the river. Almost immediately we saw the great American Eagle, with its white head, brown feathers and yellow beak looking over at us from high up in a tree. The sun was high in the sky providing warmth as we moved down river and began our journey. It was a beautiful day in August in Grand Teton National Park.

chrissihernandez-wyoming-grandteton (5).jpg

We drifted at a medium pace, faster than kayaking but slower than white water rafting. It was a great speed for taking in the environment while still having a little bit of exhilaration. The massive Teton mountains were on our left, towering high with the sun beams sneaking through crevices and changing their shapes with light and shadow.

We saw several beavers swimming, and one cute little beaver on the rivers edge. He looked like a cartoon character cleaning his furry little self. 

chrissihernandez-wyoming-grandteton (11).jpg
chrissihernandez-wyoming-grandteton (12).jpg

We had a few more American Eagle sightings along the way, below you can see on perched high in the tree.

chrissihernandez-wyoming-grandteton (8).jpg

We saw some cute punk rock ducks swimming upstream, with spiky little mohawks.


Can you spot the swimming beaver on the left in the image below?

chrissihernandez-wyoming-grandteton (10).jpg
chrissihernandez-wyoming-grandteton (9).jpg
chrissihernandez-wyoming-grandteton (13).jpg

Don’t miss this amazing way to experience the Grand Tetons by boat. It was an evening to remember!

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