Kayak Yellowstone Lake at Sunset with Geyser Kayak Tours

Yellowstone Lake is a vast and endless sea of water that sits at 7,732 feet above sea level and covers 136 square miles. We booked a 3-hour trip with Geyser Kayak Tours to explore this freshwater lake, where geysers, fumaroles, and hot springs create cauldrons of smoke coming up from the water’s shoreline.


Geyser Kayak Tours Sunset Paddle Guided Tour
3 Hours / Difficult
Cost: $150 per person
You should be in pretty good shape for the long kayak


You’ll start this journey by pushing off in yellow and red brightly colored kayaks, smelling the fresh scent of crisp mountain air. Start paddling along as the sun creates light flares and sparkled droplets.


As the sun slowly started to fade, you could see the plumes of steam more clearly rising up into the darkened blue skies. The water splashed up escaping the paddles edges, while our muscles began to ache from the constant rowing. You’ll have the opportunity to see some of Yellowstone’s wildlife along the way. We searched for animals hoping to see a large Elk, but settled for some ducks with yellow mohawks.


Once day turns into dusk the experience is second to none. The sea of water reflects the rich colors of pink, purple and blue as the sky’s daylight fades. I shouted at my husband and heard a resounding echo back from the treelined forest. This was one of those magic moments where the world slows down and you are amazed with nature.


I highly recommend this kayak adventure if you’re visiting Yellowstone. Do it for the sunset!

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