Hike Land's End for Amazing Views of the Golden Gate Bridge

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Lands End is a beautiful hike along the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco. This 3.4 mile hikes meanders through lush plants and trees to sweeping views of the west side view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the side that few tourists ever see.

Hiking Info

Loop Trail Hike: 3.4 miles
Elevation Gain: About 500 ft
Rated: Moderate
Route: Loop

You can start this hike at the Lands End Main Parking Lot, it’s free to park here. You’ll see the visitor center on the lower south side.
There are bathrooms in the parking lot.


The History

Walk down the stairs to Sutro Baths, where you can explore the ruins of was was once a giant public pool house, and wander through a sea cave for a great view. The three acres baths were opened in 1894 as the world's largest indoor swimming pool establishment. Now it lies in ruins along the Pacific Coastline. Read more

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Walk through the sea cave for the view below.

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Hike north along the coastline through the beautiful greenery. After about a half mile, you’ll get your first view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the south west side.

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Mile Rock Lighthouse

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Take a detour and head on side trail to your left that leads down to a Labyrinth built by a local artist. It’s a hefty decline down the steps, but there are incredible views of the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the cliffs all along the Pacific Ocean.

A Labyrinth is an elaborate maze in Greek mythology made to hold the minotaur captive. See if you can walk the maze the whole way through.

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You can also head down to the rocky beach below to see all the stacked stones.

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At the end of the coastal trail, you get to Eagle’s Point Observation deck overlooking Golden Gate Bridge. From here turn around and head back or take the loop trail inland passing the Legion of Honor Art Museum.