Adventure at Caves Branch, a Belize Jungle Lodge

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Caves Branch Resort is nestled among the lush green jungle tress and vines southeast of Belize City in the rainforest. It’s a resort where you can get all inclusive packages, and stay in wooden treehouse-like casitas. It’s the kind of place where you get to know other guests and staff within no time. Unfortunately when we booked there was only one night left, but we made the most of it. Caves Branch has a myriad of adventures to choose from. You can visit Mayan Ruins, go zip lining, go horseback riding and repel down waterfalls. We went specifically to go on the River Cave Expedition.

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River Cave Expedition

A large weathered bus that reminds me of a military tank was parked out front ready to take us on our river adventure. From there it was a 45 min journey along bumpy dirt roads and crossing shallow rivers to get to the cave systems.

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We arrived at a river’s edge and followed our guides into the water with rubber black tire tubes. The water felt colder than expected in contrast to the sticky tropical air. Slowly, we started drifting with the soft current into the large mouth of a dark cave.

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Stalactites hung from the ceiling like dripping candle wax, while others protruded up in organic bulbous shapes. We shone our headlamps into the underworld, it was dark and wet, with small furry bats clustered in the crevices of the undulating curves of the ceiling. Mist hung in the air, and the every now and then the sound of dripping water echoed in the underground chamber.

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By tube and by foot, we navigated the cave, walking over the organic shaped blobs that looked as if they were oozing from the ground. These look so slippery and smooth, but in fact were very solid and had good grip.


Deep inside the cave, our guide had us sit down cross legged and turn off our headlamps. With eyes wide open, all you could see was a deeply pure black, void of any color, light, or sound. It’s a surreal feeling being still in the darkness, without even the sound of the running river below. It was meditative. 

Towards the end of our river float journey, we had a picnic inside the cave by twinkling candlelight near an ancient stone carved statue.

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We floated our way back out into the warmth of the sun. It was truly an amazing experience exploring.

Do you have any tips on fun adventures in Belize? Please leave them in the comments below.

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