Hike Eagle Rock in the Santa Monica Mountains

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Eagle Rock is located in Topanga State Park, and has panoramic views from the 1,957-foot summit. It’s a great hike year round, but it’s especially beautiful in the Spring when all the wildflowers bloom in droves.

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To Get There

Trailhead location: Trippet Ranch Parking Lot
Loop trail: 4.5 miles
Rated: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 807 feet
Parking in the lot costs $10. There are some street spots but they’re hard to find.
Mountain bikes are allowed on this trail, dogs are not.

Eagle Rock Hike

Start the trail from the parking lot at Trippet Ranch (you’ll have to pay $10 to park), and take Eagle Springs Fire Road. To do this head towards the south end of the parking lot and take the trail labeled Trippet Ranch Trailhead. After a quarter mile, turn left at the T-junction and up a hill with grass and oak trees.

You’ll arrive at another junction, keep going straight up Eagle Rock fire road to get to the summit. You’ll hike 300 feet to reach Eagle Rock, the large block of sandstone jutting up into the sky. Bring a snack or a picnic and enjoy the views from the top for a while. It feels otherworldly with it’s crater-like appearance and interesting shapes.

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There is a small cave at the top you can climb into for shade (if it’s not already taken).

In the cave

In the cave

When you’re ready, head back down the way you came for a little over a mile to Musch Camp, and take Musch trail. You’ve weave through a lot of gorgeous plants and oak trees on your return trip. We went in April and there were so many colorful flowers in bloom! Purples and pinks and yellows. It made me wish I had brought my better camera (I only had my iPhone).

Spring blooms

Spring blooms

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Towards the end of Musch trail, you’ll cross a shaded ravine and cross another grassy hill before turning left back to Trippet Ranch parking lot.

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