Indy Brand Clothing: National Park Shirts

Indy Brand Clothing has a retro 70s vibe that I love. I love their vintage-inspired National Park tees. They’re so cute and comfortable, and give that little extra style for a National Parks trip. My friend Jenna and I wore our Yosemite Park tee and sweatshirts on a recent road trip.

chrissihernandez-california-yosemite (437)copy3000.jpg

For an little extra style, add a hanky, hat, and some sunglasses. I heart Sunski sunglasses because of the mirrored colored lenses that are also polarized to protect you from the sun. Any ol’ hanky will do, but it adds a pop of color and can be quite functional if needed. A hat provides good sun coverage, and photographs really well. Double win.

chrissihernandez-california-yosemite (412)copy3000.jpg
chrissihernandez-california-yosemite (6)copy3000.jpg
chrissihernandez-california-yosemite-JB (532)copy3000.jpg
chrissihernandez-california-yosemite (197)copy.jpg
chrissihernandez-california-yosemite (375)copy.jpg
chrissihernandez-california-yosemite-duo (12)copy.jpg

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