2018: A Year in Review

2018 was a weird year for me personally. On one hand, I’m fortunate enough great friends, family, a loving husband, a house, a career where I get to work from home and have flexibility. But anyone who knows me knows I get antsy. In 2017 I was traveling a lot for work and that got me out my routine enough to be content. So in 2018 working from home alone has been a bit polarizing. Days without human interaction. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a homebody and love other peoples energy. It’s not all peaches and cream. I say this only because social media has a tendency to make it feel like everyone’s lives are perfect, when in reality we all have our own struggles.

So what’s next? I am very grateful for all that I have, I’m also ready to shake things up with new goals, new hopes and dreams. How about you? Below are the highlight of 2018, a year filled with new projects and experiences.

Started the year with an eat, pray, love experience in Bali

Spent 10 days with 10 friends kicking off 2018 in Bali. We spent our first days of 2018 in Ubud, exploring the rice fields, waterfalls, temples, and scootering around.


Danced backup in a Hollywood Groundlings show

Back in the day (like way, way back) I was a cheerleader and did a little theater in high school. I was super excited when a friend asked if I was available to be in her comedic show Made in the 80’s. We played two sold out shows in Hollywood, and now I’m officially billed on the Groundlings site, even though I’m a terrible actress.

Backpacked through Joshua Tree in the snow

It didn’t snow the entire time we backpacked in Joshua Tree, but on our last day we woke up to beautiful flakes falling onto the desert landscape. It was freezing to start, but after a few miles warming up it was absolutely magical and surreal. Read more

chrissihernandez-joshuatree-AmandaProudfit (193).jpg

Visited the ancient city of Teotihuacan

Took a day trip from Mexico City to visit the massive site of Mexico’s ancient civilization, and climbed to the top of the highest temple to take in the view. Read more

chrissihernandez-mexico-city-01 (73)copy2000.jpg

Finally took a GoCar around San Francisco

GoCar’s are tiny little yellow cars you see zooming all over San Francisco annoying the locals (I used to be said local). I always wanted to rent one of this while I lived there and it never happened, but I finally got around to it last year when we took my sister-in-law to visit. Do not go to San Francisco and miss this! It’s SO fun and a great way to take in views of the entire beautiful city.

chrissihernandez-california-san-francisco (9)copy2000.jpg

4th year at Coachella

Had a great time at Coachella for the 4th year in a row… might have been my last. Beyonce, Odesza, Kygo, The Weekend, Eminem, Haim, Portugal the Man, , MO, David Byrne, Busy P and more…


Went on a magical spiritual journey to Sedona

Went to visit my friend Rachel for the 2nd time in Sedona. It felt like time stood still as we slowed down to enjoy hanging out at the creek, hiking, going to the farmer’s market, and sitting for long conversations with all her spiritual friends. Read more

chrissihernandez-arizona-sedona-sony (112)copy2500.jpg

Art Directed Photo Shoots for an International Beauty Brand

This past year I’ve been working for a company with many portfolio brands. This year I’ve has the privilege of art directing product shoots for a brand called Zoeva Cosmetics, based in Frankfurt Germany. I’ve also been able to work on brands like Backcountry and Chemical Guys. It’s been a great learning experience working on campaigns and websites to enhance the user experience. See more

Went Hunting for Shark’s Teeth in South Carolina

We went on a family trip this year to Carolina Beach, and took a day to go kayaking with my nieces and nephew to Shark Tooth Island. The kayaking was a little windy and dangerous, but worth it in my opinion. We spent a good amount of time turning over rocks on the shore to find interesting shark tooth fossils, and other really cool fossilized shells.


Kayaked through Santa Cruz Island sea caves

There are amazingly beautiful sea caves on Santa Cruz island you can tour by kayak, so we went for a day trip from L.A. and absolutely loved getting out in nature right in our own backyard of ocean wonderland. Read more

chrissihernandez-california-santacruzisland-iP (5)copy2000.jpg

Hiked to the stunning Avalanche Lake

Glacier National Park is lush and green. It was rainy but we got out and hiked to Avalanche Lake, and the view was worth the effort. Read more

chrissihernandez-montana-glacier-national-park (79)copy2500.jpg

Began planning for this new house we’re building in Landers (Joshua Tree)

This is probably the biggest feat of the year. It started as a little cabin rehab project, and quickly grew into something bigger. Adam and I are now building a short term rental home from the ground up. We approved plans sometime around last June, and are just finishing permits. We’re hoping to break ground in February! See more

Collaborated with Beverly Hilton on a photo shoot

I never thought I’d get to collaborate with the Beverly Hilton, but through a friend I was pulled in for a social photo shoot. It was super exciting working with Alicia Cho on this. I was very happy to be a part of this mini shoot at the famed Beverly Hilton.


Went on a photo journey with Hope Anne Photo

A few years ago I met a young photographer Hope on Instagram, she messaged me and we met for dinner to talk shop. My day job is an Art Director and graphic designer for ecommerce sites. It’s now been a few years and we’re still buddies, so she flew out to stay in LA and we took a road trip through Joshua Tree (in the dead of summer), and got some great shots!

chrissihernandez_california-joshuatree (207)copy2500.jpg

Marveled at the beautiful art at Burning Man

It was my second year going to Burning Man, and the art installations never disappoint. I could spend countless hours biking around looking at all the giant sculptures and art cars. Read more

chrissihernandez_nevada_blackrockcity_burningman (380)copy2500.jpg

Went wine tasting in France’s famed wine region

Adam and I derailed on our trip to Portugal in favor of heading out a day early to Paris. We then planned our trip on the fly, first going to Bordeaux where we went wine tasting in one of the most famous wine regions in the world.

chrissihernandez-france-medoc (9)copy2500.jpg

So there it is. Another year of travel and adventure, two of my favorite things. Looking forward to making many more memories this year in 2019!


3 days in Porto


Below Paris Lively Streets Lies a Fascinating Underground Cemetery