DIY: Make Your Own Amazing Burning Man Hat

Burning Man is such a fun way to express your style and creativity. I was hunting Pinterest for fun costume ideas when I came across all these beautiful sequined, rhinestoned, shiny, amazing festival hats. I found some to purchase on Etsy, but they can be a little pricy. With a little time and craftiness, you can create your own, and then it’s unique to your style and a fun DIY project.

In this post I’ll give you a rundown of the supplies you’ll need (subject to your own personal taste), and the steps and shopping links to create your own personalized sparkly gem.

Step 1: Add sequin fabric to your military hat

Using a piece of chalk or something similar, trace your hat shapes onto the backside of the sequin fabric. Cut these shapes out and apply using the hot glue gun. This is the hardest part of the process, sequins will be flying everywhere. Make sure they don’t fly into your eyes!


Shop Sequinned Fabrics & Captain’s Hats

Step 2: Add all the Sparkly trim

I used a Braided Sequin Trim for the top of the brim, using the glue gun to add it the edge where the two pieces of fabric meet. Metal bullet spikes are also a really popular addition. They’ll give your hat a more industrial look.

Across the main banding on the front side, I used a crystal rhinestone appliqué. It’s already strung together so all you need to do is glue it across the brim.


Shop Trim

Step 3: Add rhinestones to your Festival Hat

Predetermine a design for the front of your hat by laying rhinestones out before you commit to gluing them. I originally wanted to use more of the pink teardrop statement rhinestones, but it turns out the brim was too short so I stuck with one statement pink stone surrounded by a burst pattern of smaller blue rhinestones.


Shop Rhinestones

The Final Product: A Festival hat that’s the Perfect Addition to your burning man outfits

These hats were both a fun statement piece, and protected our foreheads from the sun!

What do you think of the final product? Leave a comment below.

Too Much Work? Shop Pre-made Hats.

If you’d prefer to purchase one of these hats, here are some great shops I found on Etsy that sell them! Or you can check out my post The Best Etsy Shops For Amazing Burning Man Fashion.

Shop Patches & Appliques

Patches or appliques are also great for either the front of your hat or the top of your hat.

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