Go Off-roading in Dixie National Forest

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Bryce Wildlife Adventure rents atvs just outside of Bryce Canyon. Most companies in Bryce only do guided tours, but we prefer to go at our own pace. We got a quick briefing from the owner and then hit the trails on a 33 mile path through Dixie National Forest. The trails were well marked and while we got got lost once, it wasn't very hard to get back on track. We rode swiftly through yellow flowered meadows into the backcountry. We came across an entire herd of antelope that galloped right across our path! Definitely a highlight of the trip! We continue speeding on the dirt trails to the final lookout over red sands and forest green trees, and finally came upon a large lake. This was a solid 3 hours of exploration, and hardly anyone out on the roads. I would highly recommend doing this trip to Dixie National Forest. When you return the quads, you can also explore the natural history museum inside the center. It's filled with taxidermy, and the place is massive in size. They also have a few donkey's on location and some deer you can feed.   

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