Dubovica Beach


On the sun-kissed shores of Hvar Island, Dubovica Beach showcases the exquisite beauty that Croatia's coastline has to offer. The sea is crystal-clear turquoise and there is a quaint beach that provides an idyllic setting for an afternoon of relaxation.

I recommend coming here as part of a larger tour of the island. We rented scooters, making it easy to park at places like this beach. If you have a car, it’s really difficult to find parking. The roads down to the beaches are incredibly steep and can be really dangerous to turn around or park on.


A Culinary Adventure

While the beach itself is a feast for the eyes, Dubovica Beach also boasts a quaint beachside restaurant that adds a dimension to the experience. Adventurous souls may be tempted to sample the local cuisine, and my own culinary escapade led me to try the fried fish. However, be prepared for a moment of surprise when the dish arrives—tiny headless fish, bones, and fins still intact. While it may be a departure from the typical American fillet experience, the flavor is an authentic taste of the region.

Dubovica Beach remains a place I wholeheartedly recommend to fellow travelers. There's a unique charm to spending time here, basking in the sun, and appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds you. Whether you're seeking solitude, a romantic getaway, or a family-friendly spot, Dubovica Beach caters to all, offering a slice of paradise on Hvar Island.


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