Go on an Epic Snowmobiling Adventure near Park City

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My husband and I just skipped town to head to Park City for the weekend. All the slopes had just closed for the season, so we looked for another type of adventure to get into. There was still plenty of snow on the ground mid April, so I called around and found a great spot to go snowmobiling, something I had never tried before.

Daniel’s Summit Lodge rents Snowmobiles just outside of Park City and has 30 miles of groomed trails. We drove about 40 minutes to get there. Once there, we got a quick intro to riding, and then were let loose guide-free to roam the frosted white forests. We sped along the trails through naked treelines, hills, slopes and turns.


There is a solid 3 hours of exploration, and hardly anyone out on the roads (at least the day we went). The trails are about 14 feet wide most of the ride and well groomed. If you do a half day, you can take a break to grab and bite and lounge at the restaurant. We had some good comfort food, chili and pecan pie, before heading back out.  

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The end of the loop trail is wide open plains of snow where you can really let loose at high speeds. Be careful though, on the way back I almost dove over my handlebars on a bump I didn’t see as I was flying across the snow.


Next time you’re in and around Park City, consider a day away from the ski resorts off-roading. It’s really incredible!