View Stunning Art & Installations at Desert X

Desert X is a contemporary art exhibition held in the Coachella Valley. The exhibition focus’s on the valley's environment through the display of works by emerging artists. The first exhibition was from Feb-Apr 2017, and now Feb-Apr 2019. The art exhibitions are all over the city, but we focused on a few in Palm Springs since we were only there for a night visiting for a baby shower.

‘Spector,’ by Sterling Ruby, is a vibrant, glowing orange-red box sitting amongst the desert landscape. It’s especially striking against the snowy San Jacinto mountains, a beautiful juxtaposition. It feels surreal in in the space, as if it has been painted onto the landscape.

The Dive-In, by Superflex, was built as a reminder that Coachella Valley was supposed to be called Conchilla Valley. Conchilla come from Spanish meaning “Land of the Little Shells.” The area was once underwater, and still has fossilized marine life within it’s layers. The reason for the name change was just a misspelling of the printed document sent out to advertise the new town, and once it was out they just decided to go with it.

This installation is pink because fish gravitate towards this color, and the structure looks like a large geometric coral reef among the warm tones of the desert.

Lover’s Rainbow, by Pia Camil, has a rainbow in both the U.S. and in Mexico. The rainbows were created to shed light on immigration. The rebar symbolizes development, but also the abandoned dreams often seen throughout Mexico. The rainbows encourages us to look at the other perspective. This is easy for me to relate to because my grandparents immigrated here when my dad was a kid, looking a better life in California.

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