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What to Wear on a Safari

What to Wear on a Safari

I’ve had a safari on my bucket list for a really long time! I’ve been was hunting Pinterest and doing some research on what to wear. In this post I’ll give you a rundown of what to pack (subject to your own personal taste), and why, along with some good finds!

Pack light: Check with your tour operator, but a lot of flights to “the bush” are on small planes that have a weight limit. For Kenya, we are only allowed to bring 33lbs with us on the plane.

Pack breathable: This goes hand in hand with packing light. The African sun is powerful, so pack clothes with good breathability so you don’t sweat through your 33lbs of clothes too quickly.

Pack neutral colors: When out on a safari, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself. This is why we see everyone in olive and tan tones while they’re on a safari. We are trying to get a glimpse of animals in their natural environment, so it’s best to blend in. These colors also hide dust well. White doesn’t, and black is said to attract tsetse flies.



The Tilley Airflo Hat, which is super comfortable and also really versatile and you can crush it down without fear of ruining it. In fact the hat is guaranteed for life so long as you don’t lose it to an animal in the wild. It also has UPF 50+ sun protection and comes in sizes for men and women. The Panama Jack Safari Hat is also rugged and lightweight, perfect for adventuring.



Athletic or hiking gear serves best for being breathable, lightweight, and sometimes has UV protection. Below are some nice options for “the bush" (that’s what they call the expansive plains of Africa outside the cities). Remember to keep it neutral to avoid disrupting the animals who wouldn’t normally see hot pink out in the wilderness.

Lightweight windbreaker,  Vuori Stonesteps windbreaker , $110

Lightweight windbreaker, Vuori Stonesteps windbreaker, $110

Linen button down shirt , $59.90, prices vary

Linen button down shirt, $59.90, prices vary


Stay lightweight and comfortable. Lightweight joggers or hiking pants are ideal. Yoga pants work too, they just might get a little hot pressed against your skin.



Make your decision on shoes based on whether it’s a walking or Jeep Safari. For walking, obviously wear shoes that are comfortable, have good traction, and are broken in. You don’t want to end up a few days in with shoes that are incredibly uncomfortable. For the jeep excursion, you can get away with something a little more fashion forward if you prefer. The Steve Madden Trek Boots are super cute and comfortable!


Cute Rompers for Dress Up


This duffel by Eddie Bauer only weighs 14 ounces, is the max size for carry-on at 45L, and is only $19.99. This backpack by Eddie Bauer matches and is also lightweight for anything you might want to bring for the daytime like your camera, binoculars, a scarf, sunscreen etc.


Camera Gear

If you want to capture some amazing shots of the animals you’ll need a good zoom lens. As far as a camera goes, you can just bring your iPhone but you may not get the epic up close shots you want. I personally rented a zoom lens for my Canon 5D Mark III.

Other Items You’ll Need

Binoculars are key on a safari, but it’s hard to warrant the purchase when you don’t know when else you’d use them. These binoculars from Amazon are well-rated and relatively cheap.

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