Experience a Thrilling Ziplining Adventure with Ziplines at Pacific Crest

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Wrightwood is in the San Gabriel Mountains along the San Andreas Fault. The Pacific Crest Trail also goes through this mountain town, so it gets a lot of backpackers stopping in along the way. If there's no traffic, it's a quick hour and a half drive from Los Angeles, and a great place to spend the weekend hiking and zip lining in the summer, or snowboarding in the winter at nearby Mountain High.

We went to Wrightwood to do the Canopy Tour with Ziplines of Pacific Crest. The course takes about 3 and a half hours and includes climbing daring sky stairs, rapelling down from high platforms, and soaring across 9 ziplines up to 300ft above the forest floor. 

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The tour began with a short ride to the trailhead, then a short hike to the first zipline. The weather was sunny with crisp mountain air that flowed through the tall pine trees. The first few ziplines are shorter so you get the hang of it. The platforms are small and high above the ground, but you're always clipped into each platform. I felt incredibly safe the entire trip because of the precautions taken, and our guides Nick and Crush were awesome!

Climbing daring sky stairs

Climbing daring sky stairs

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The best parts of the trip is of course the longest zip lines! You can catch speeds up to 60mph with incredible views of the San Gabriels Mountains, the San Andreas fault line, tall pine trees, and the rolling fog that rests below the city's mountains.

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So basically, it's a blast. Do it. You know you want to. ;) 

For more information on the Ziplines of Pacific Crest to plan your adventure, visit their site.