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Take a Tour of Casa Gilardi

Take a Tour of Casa Gilardi

Casa Gilardi was built in 1976 by famous Mexican architect Luis Barragán. It was the last project he completed before he died. Luis Barragán's work has been highly influential to contemporary artists. In 1980, he won the highest award in architecture, the Pritzker Prize. In 2004, his personal home was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also tour this home, Casa Luis Barragán, in Mexico City, but you must book far in advance! 

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Casa Gilardi is privately owned, so we contacted the owner via Facebook to schedule a tour. It was such an incredible experience to have the owner give us a personal tour of her home. The house has a bottom level indoor pool, a gorgeous outdoor courtyard, and Barragán's signature vibrant colored walls throughout. It feels like Mondrian's artwork has turned into a 3 dimensional space. Outside, the shadows at different times of the day create new vibrant colors as they reflect off the other walls. If you love unique experience, then tour Casa Gilardi and get a taste of Mexico's rich art history. 

Tip: Contact the owners via their Facebook Page to schedule a tour

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